British Soul Course
| Task 2 | Week 8
Act the dialogue, paying attention to the deep vowels.
Задание 3
18:50 минута в лекции
[ u: ] AND [ ʊ ]
-I \say, 'what are 'you and your 'sister going to \do?

-Well, I don't \know. | I think we need to get the \food, but then we \can't go to Sainsbury's on \foot.

- 'Oh, \yes. 'Take my \car. >So| 'What are you 'going to \buy?

-/ Sugar, /fruit, 'two 'Christmas /pies, >soup items, blue >cheese, >goodies and so.

- \Cool! 'Getting 'ready for a 'huge \party i suppose.

- 'Yeah, \Luke. I'm in a 'festive \mood.

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