British Soul Course
| Task 2 | Week 7
Read the tongue-twister.
Задание 2
с 10:25 минуты
A single singer is walking along the bank
Singing a languishing song
And bringing pink pinks for his darling.
Is anything wrong with the single singer's song?
[d], [dʒ] AND [ŋ]
Deborah Deem described her dream to Doctor Dean,
Doctor Dean drew Deborah Deem's dream in diagrams.
If Doctor Dean described his dream to Deborah Deem,
Could Deborah Deem draw Doctor Dean's dream in diagrams?
Jean jellies ginger jam in June,
Jess jellies ginger jam in July.
If Jean didn't jelly ginger jam in June,
Could Jess jelly ginger jam in July?
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