British Soul Course
| Task 4 | Week 6
Repeat after Zoe and Lucy. Copy them.
Задание 4
24:01 минута в лекции
1. And then... all the balsamic and all of the…

2. More time in the /morning to do a nice /breakfast. Start the day off /right.

3. My \house is so plain and it's \my fault.

4. I can('t) buy anything, cause I can('t) go to the shops.

5. We \moved in in March and yeah.

6. \Yes, it's called a Buddhist \pine.

7. I don('t) know if Kentia's the brand or it's called a Kentia palm.

8. I remember in the \last video I told+you that I was planning something interesting with the apples in the /garden.

[a:] and [ɔː]
Для произнесения этих звуков нужно максимально отодвигать язык назад!
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