British Soul Course
| Task 3 | Week 6
Act the dialogue, paying attention to the deep vowels.
Задание 3
17:13 минута в лекции
- Wha(t) a lovely party, Mark!

-Thanks, mate! I thought i(t) would be grea(t) to star(t) all the preparations in the morning...

-I see. Wha(t) did + you actually buy in Tesco?

- Um, I bough(t) these dark bits an(d) pieces which are lovely.

- They are! By the way, have you started reading the book I gave you the other day?

- Oh, my Goodness, yeah! The main character + is so charming! Paul is quite calm and he is always wearing that mask, bu(t) anyways he doesn('t) talk too much which is weird.

- I reckon the main idea/r/ is that a part of his heart is made from glass....

- Oh, lord! Really? Lucy, it's a spoiler! Why did you .... it's against the law!

- Sorry, mate, didn('t) mean to do tha(t)...

- Alright, pass me those mince pies then.

[a:] and [ɔː]
Для произнесения этих звуков нужно максимально отодвигать язык назад!
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