British Soul Course
| Task 1 | Week 6
Read the words. Note the nucleus (ядро).
Задание 1
08:30 минута в лекции
\Part, \lord, \class, \walk, \past, \autumn, \ask, \saw, \half, \naughty, \calm, \can't, \bought, \heart, \forks, \Mark, \father, \party, \four, \poor, \Bart, \morning, \small

[a:] and [ɔː]
a + r: part
a + ss: class
a + st: past
a + sk: Ask
a + sp: Clasp
Для произнесения этих звуков нужно максимально отодвигать язык назад!
a + lf: half
a + lm: Calm
a + nt: can't
ea: heart
o + r: lord
al + согласная: walk (silent l)
au: autumn (aunt – exception)
aw: saw
*Make up sentences with these words. Record yourself and watch your deep sounds.
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