British Soul Course
| Final Task | Week 6
Посмотри видео Эмилии. Твоя главная задача здесь это тема, которую ты тренировала всю неделю, а также ядра. Постарайся скопировать интонацию Эмилии тоже (паузы, ноты, тоны).
Жирным выделены ядра.
Звуки спрошлых четырех недель тоже тренируем!
Final task
28:30 минута в лекции
\Hi! I'm E\ miIlia and I'm here with Cli\/nique to answer some \questions. The most curious \place where \you have ever had to get \ready? A /sheep's trailer, up on mountain, \train, \loo, \carriages, quite a lot of \those, \in a car, \ in the centre of London, a moving /speedboat that was /interesting, try and do your hair in that kind of /wind. What is your desert island \ beauty product? Ma\ scara. 100 per\ cent.

That's what you \need. \Loads of it. Despite there'll probably be no /mirrors and someone else might be / stranded there. Brad /Pitt. What is the best \life advice you've \ever been given?

Don't 'ever \ Google yourself. \ Ever. No \good has \come from \googling yourself.
[a:] and [ɔː]
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