British Soul Course
| Task 2 | Week 5
Read the sentences. Note the nucleus (ядро).
Задание 2
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I would 'definitely 'say I \like what I do.

I 'find it so /cool because you can 'work anywhere you \want.

'Lily has \no 'idea about the new /swimming pool since she was \absent.

Look who's \talking! Where have you \been before?

'These 'days /children, /teenagers and /adults are \addicted to social media.

I've \never lived abroad so 'that means I 'need to \think about it.

You can 'find \all the links down below.
Dark [l] - если буква l в конце слова или если после идет согласная. Например: child, pool.
There are many crucial topics.
Roy has a red car.
For example, the door is extra.
Where were you yesterday?
Sound [r]
Read the sentences.
Задание 2
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Light [l] - если после буквы l гласная. Например, like, actually.

Непроизносимая согласная «l».
Согласная буква «l» не произносится:
- после гласных «a», «o», «u».
Пример: could [ku:d].

- В буквосочетаниях «lm», «lk», «ln» согласная «l» не читается.
Пример: calm [ka:m], walk [wɔːk], half [ha:f].
Read the words.
lateral plosion
[t], [d] перед [l] произносятся слитно!
Кончик языка не убираем с альвеол,
Не должно быть гласного звука между!
Звук похож на взрыв!
Little, settle, kettle, needle, middle
[r] at the end of a word
+ next word starts with a vowel
You need more and more practice.
The park is faraway from here.
I sa/r/w a car accident on Thursday.
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