British Soul Course
| Final task | Week 4
Final task
Посмотрите видео Алфи. Ваша главная задача здесь это звуки, которые вы тренировали всю неделю, а также тон наверх. Постарайтесь скопировать интонацию Алфи тоже (паузы, ноты, тоны). Жирным выделены ядра. Зеленым выделены слова с кратким [i], кратким [ ], долгим [ i: ]. Звуки с прошлых трех недель тоже тренируем!
45:41 минута в лекции
\Good morning, guys!
Good /morning! How's it /going?
\Hope you are having a lovely day. I've got a 'little 'curly\fringe sticking up underneath my \hat to /day, not because I did that on \purpose, \purely because I haven't washed my hair in /three/four a \bout three / days.
And I've got more \hair product in it than what you can \imagine so it is like the curliest \grossest thing.
I've got a \busy day/ today, 'like just 'so many 'different \things going on.
I 'kicked off this /morning with a \twitch stream \first thing.
'Not \crazy /early but I 'prioritized it over my
\breakfast so that must 'mean that I'm 'bloody 'enjoying \streaming at the moment.
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