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| Final task | Week 7
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Final task
23:45 минута в лекции
>Hi everyone! ↓How you \doing. Welcome/back ¦ to me cha\nel. I hope you're doing¦really \well. \Miss you guys. It looks like the \evening. I cannot /stress how ranked the \ weather is |out¦ in 'south London¦ to\day. But I ↓ thought today I would hop back on the 24-hour challenges. You \know how much I love them. I know how much \you love them. And to↓day¦, let me just close that >window¦, we're 'gonna be doing 'something >cute. We're ↓gonna be 'doing 'something >fun. So, to↓day we're gonna be 'eating miniature / food for 24 \hours. I was inspired by ¦ um the '/ Borrower's', um ¦ obviously growing up that was my favorite / film. Not obviously \chicken one / was, but the / 'Borrowers' was one of my favourite 'films…

[d], [dʒ] AND [ŋ]
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