British Soul Course
| Final Task | Week 5
DARK [l] , LIGHT [l] , SOUND [r]
Посмотри видео Киры. Твоя главная задача здесь это тема, которую ты тренировала всю неделю, а также ядра. Постарайся скопировать интонацию Киры тоже (паузы, ноты, тоны).
Жирным выделены ядра.
Звуки спрошлых четырех недель тоже тренируем!
Final task
50:00 минута в лекции
'Bend it like Beckham' was a film that I made when I was six/teen. ¦ uh, And 'I took the football trainings\so seriously that 'I 'managed 'to 'knock myself

\out from heading the \/ball so many times and gave myself a \concussion. So, I 'really \hope that you \enjoy the /film and in par>ticular my \football skills. There are \many things that I, miss at the /moment. But uh, 'going to the cinema is 'definitely \one of them. Um so we are hoping that we can bring a bit of that
magic \back with 'Lions gate \live and 'lighted \movies all in \support of 'NHS 'charities \together.

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